What's included in our
maintenance plans?

We're more than just unlimited WordPress edits. We will optimise your site for speed, security & keep it safe, secure & updated. 

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Design and layout adjustments

Want to change something about your WordPress websites design? Design, layout, colour scheme, new banner, page or section…you name it, we've got you covered.

Wordpress Development

New landing page development

PSD to WP, Figma to WP & more. We can convert any design from any platfrom to a responsive WordPress page on your site. Don't have a design yet? Don't fret! We have front-end designers & WordPress developers on hand to design and build your dream new page.

PSD to WordPress

Plugin installation, setup & customisation

We handle everything from installing and setting up new plugins to customising them to fit your unique needs. We have agency licences for over 1500+ plugins, saving you the cost of purchase.

WordPress Plugin

Bug fixes

Report any issues you find, or let us perform a comprehensive check to catch hidden bugs as part of our WordPress maintenance service. We thoroughly diagnose and swiftly resolve any problems, from minor glitches to critical errors, ensuring your WordPress website remains functional and user-friendly.

WordPress bug fix

Woocommerce, Buddypress, Memberpress integration & setup

We manage sites utilising Woocommerce, BuddPress, MemberPress and other major WordPress plugins. We handle everything from installing and configuring these powerful plugins to customising them to meet your specific website needs.

Woocommerce developer
Unlimited Edits

Truly unlimited WordPress edits

Any design changes, new functionality, bug fixes, or regular updates – a WordPress expert is ready to work whenever you need us.

  • Website re-design
  • Custom PHP code
  • Theme & plugin setup, installation & customisation
  • Woocommerce, Memberpress, Buddypress & more
  • Custom functionality
  • & much much more

Example list of edits you could request

Edit Content
  • Page re-design
  • Adding a new page
  • Installing & configuring a plugin
  • PSD to WordPress
  • Landing page creation
  • Fix a bug
  • Funnel set-up
  • WooCommerce set-up
  • Payment integration
  • Custom PHP code
Speed Optimisation

Super-fast website that your customers & Google will love

Faster, lighter, and better-optimised WordPress website. A minimum score of 90% on Google page insights guaranteed

  • Site & database cleanup
  • Caching configuration
  • CDN & GZIP configuration
  • Delay JavaScript execution
  • & much much more

Google page insights

Achieving a high score on Google Page Insights is crucial for better search engine rankings, faster load times, and an enhanced user experience. Achieve a minimum score of 90% on both mobile and desktop with our maintenance package with monthly optimisation.

Google page insights

Content delivery network (CDN)

Our WordPress developers will boost your website's speed and reliability with our CDN setup and integration service. We provide and configure a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for your site, ensuring faster load times, reduced latency, and enhanced security. By distributing your content across a global network of servers, we guarantee a seamless and efficient user experience for your visitors, no matter where they are.

WordPress CDN

GZIP Compression

GZIP compression is a method of reducing the size of your web files (such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) by compressing them, making your site load faster. By enabling GZIP compression, we significantly reduce the size of your files, leading to quicker load times and a smoother user experience.

WordPress GZIP Compression

CSS & JS Minification

Minification involves removing unnecessary characters and spaces from your CSS and JavaScript files, resulting in smaller file sizes and faster load times.

CSS minification

Keyword research

We will conduct in-depth keyword research to find keywords that we can a) rank your website for, and more importantly b) will convert traffic into hard leads and ultimately sales. After all, that’s what truly matters. Right? We use the best SEO software on the market such a Ahrefs, Moz & Semrush.

WordPress keyword research

Title & meta description creation & optimisation

We analyse your site and your target keywords against your competition. We ensure your content is more relevant, comprehensive and helpful than theirs. After all, when it comes to SEO, content is King.

WordPress SEO Optimisation

All types of scheme (rich snippets)

By implementing schema markup, you improve search engine understanding and create rich snippets on search results pages. These snippets, featuring star ratings, prices, and event dates, make your listings more appealing, boosting click-through rates. Our WordPress experts take care of schema markup implementation, helping your content stand out and attract more traffic.

Rich schema

Internal linking

Internal linking plays a crucial role in enhancing website navigation, improving user experience, and boosting SEO performance. By strategically linking relevant pages within your site, we help search engines better understand your site's structure and prioritise important content.

internal linking

Google analytics, search console, set up & error fixes

We'll seamlessly integrate these essential tools into your website, allowing you to track key metrics, monitor traffic trends, and identify opportunities for growth. Additionally, our WordPress experts will address any errors or issues highlighted by Google Search Console.

Google analytics
SEO Ehancement

Supercharge your websites SEO

Making your WordPress website Google-ready with our proven on-page SEO strategy. 

  • Monthly SEO audit reports & implementation
  • Keyword research
  • Titles and meta descriptions
  • Schema
  • Automatic internal linking
  • Add breadcrumbs to posts, pages, and archives
  • & much much more
Security & Updates

Threat detection, prevention & multilayered security

We will harden your website to help defend against bots, hackers, and malicious traffic, as well as ensuring all plugins are kept up-to date.

  • Detect & manage vulnerabilities
  • Comprehensive audit logging
  • Malware scanning & removal
  • Hosted WAF integration
  • & much much more

Daily malware scanning & removal

Our advanced scanning technology continuously monitors your site for any signs of malware, viruses, or suspicious activity. In the event of a security breach, our expert team will swiftly identify and eliminate the threat, ensuring your website remains safe and secure for your visitors. With our proactive approach to security, you can have peace of mind knowing that your online presence is always protected.

WordPress malware removal

Web application firewall (WAF)

Our robust firewall technology provides a protective barrier between your website and potential cyber attacks, safeguarding your data and ensuring uninterrupted access for your visitors.

WordPress WAF Firewall

Resolve security recommendations and issues in bulk

We efficiently address security recommendations and issues in bulk, ensuring comprehensive protection for your website. Our WordPress expert security team identifies and resolves vulnerabilities, implements security best practices, and fortifies your site against potential threats in a swift and systematic manner.

WordPress maintenance

Core and plugin code checker with weekly updates

With daily scans of your website's plugins and core files, we quickly detect any potential security risks or outdated code. With our proactive approach, we ensure timely updates to both plugins and the core of your site, minimising vulnerabilities and enhancing overall security.

WordPress Plugin Updates