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Let’s cut to the chase. Hire the best WordPress maintenance company 24/7 for just £245 a month, or hire a full time developer for £30k+ a year (who goes home at night and weekends)?

Exactly. What are you waiting for?

What do our WordPress maintenance plans include?

The short answer? Unlimited WordPress tasks whenever you need them.

The long answer? Unlimited WordPress tasks whenever you need them.

It’s really that simple. We offer unlimited, 24/7, WordPress maintenance and support for just £245. Whatever the tasks, whatever the day, whatever the time. 

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How our WordPress
maintenance support works

Let us know the edits you’d like to make from the front-end of your own website it couldn’t be simpler. WordPress maintenance support for the fraction of a full time developer. 24/7.

wordpress monthly maintenance plan

Transparent, affordable pricing

£245 a month for some of the best WordPress maintenance company to be on hand 24/7, whenever you need them. Any design changes, new functionality, bug fixes, or regular updates – we are ready to work whenever you need us.


Simply click and
let us know

Using our WordPress maintenance plugin installed on your website, you simply click where you require an edit, write what you need – we will receive this info in real time, assign it to an expert and they will get to work in as fast as just 10 minutes. 

ongoing wordpress maintenance

High quality. Fast delivery. Happy you

We will work through the tasks in the order you add them. Our typical turnaround time is just 4 – 8 working hours per task. We pride ourselves on incredibly high standards both in terms of quality and the speed in which we deliver. 

Our WordPress maintenance packages

What makes us different to all the other WordPress agencies out there? We offer truly unlimited WordPress support for one small monthly fee. We’re UK based and ready to start working on your website the very same day.


per month (no contracts)
Minimum of 2 months

Unlimited Fixes

Unlimited fixes that takes us no longer than 2 hours each. This could include:


per year (SAVE £490)

Unlimited Fixes

Unlimited fixes that takes us no longer than 2 hours each. This could include:

If you sign up monthly all we ask is that you stick with us for a minimum of 2 months, We don’t tie you into any contracts. Our price is £245 for a month or you can make a saving on £490 by paying for a years maintenance in advance. If you’d like maintenance for a different period of time please contact us today and we will be more than happy to accommodate your needs. (6 months now available via our interactive video)

Of course.

You can request as many tasks as you need as and when you need them. We will work on them in the order they are added to our system.

Generally anything that takes under 2 hours – which covers 99.9% of requests. If you would like any further clarification please chat to one of the team and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

We will let you know before we work on any task that will take over 2 hours. 

We will either provide a quote for the work or provide a quicker solution where possible.

Along with unlimited fixes / tasks, we will ensure all your themes and plugins are kept up to date, take daily backups of your website and monitor your site 24/7 to keep it secure. In the unlikely event your site has malware we will clean this for you.

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Who are Dorks?

Great question. Dorks.co.uk is the home of some of the best professional WordPress experts known to man. We live and breath all things WordPress.

We teamed up to form a “WordPress agency” – we don’t like this phrase too much. At heart we’re all freelancers, entrepreneurs and experts within our fields, but we understood that to be able to provide world class WordPress services all under one roof, we needed to form and create a hub for all our lovely existing and future clients.

What does this mean for you? It means that you’re never going to be talking to some sales guy. We don’t have any of them. It means you’re always going to talk to someone who is passionate and a genuine pro in what they do!

You’ll be assigned to an expert depending on your maintenance / support task. They will work directly with you until it is successfully signed off.

Expert WordPress developers, whenever you need them

We are on-hand to start working the same day and can typically complete tasks  within 4-8 hours.

Our monthly WordPress maintenance packages are a perfect fit for website owners wanting the comfort of having experts on hand whenever they need them without the massive costs of hiring in-house. Unlimited WordPress site maintenance services, literally unlimited every month for just £245. 

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