Create an Online Course Website — #MondayMasterclass

Create an Online Course Website — #MondayMasterclass

This Monday Masterclass we’re showing you how you can share your knowledge and expertise in online courses, and how to monetize them, in 3 simple steps.

The main focus of this episode is on a simple way of setting up an online course, to draw potential clients and traffic to your website, using Elementor.
We also cover how to pick a promising lesson subject, in addition to creating and building a good lesson plan.

This episode covers a lot of valuable web-building information for all levels looking to learn about:

Commercial potential of online courses and tutorials 00:22
Researching audience interest 01:41
Keyword research 02:58
Competitor research 03:34
Practicality assessment 04:10
The A-B-Cs of lesson planning 04:48
Actualizing an lesson outline 05:01
Beginning with the basics 05:24
Coherent and linear lesson content 05:30
Further/Professional research 06:00
Setting up your online course website 06:33
Creating a course page 07:13
Setting up & adding lesson content 08:07
Lessons as posts in WordPress 08:12
Using categories to organize and link content 08:30
Adding lesson content 09:02
Adding custom fields 09:36
Create a single lesson/post template 10:30
Using dynamic tags, and post custom fields with Elementor 11:54
Adding videos to lesson pages with Elementor 13:20
Linking lessons to the course page with Elementor 13:56
Creating a custom lesson menu using WordPress and Elementor 14:45
Monetizing your online course 15:06
Creating a popup as a gateway with Elementor 15:34
Using Learning Management System (LMS) plugins 15:51

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\ Tools we used in this Masterclass:
▸The Online Course Template Kit |
▸Elementor Theme Builder |
▸Elementor Reddit group |
▸Ahrefs |

\ Tools we recommended in this Masterclass:
▸LifterLMS |
▸Learndash |
▸Memberpress |

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