Full Site Editing and Dynamic Colors in Elementor

Full Site Editing and Dynamic Colors in Elementor

Learn how Elementor’s Full Site Editing feature, Dynamic Colors and Semantic HTML Tags can speed up your workflow and improve your web presence.

In this video, you’ll learn how to:
✓ Build faster with Full Site Editing
✓ Embed Dynamic Color values in any widget that has a color field
✓ Add a colour picker field for posts via ACF
✓ Define Site Parts with Semantic HTML Tags to improve accessibility, HTML semantics, as well as on page SEO.
✓ And much more!

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Update: We’ve decided to rename this capability from “Full Site Editing” to “Global Editing” in order to avoid any confusion with WordPress FSE.

Read more about it: https://elementor.com/blog/introducing-full-site-editing/
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