How to Transform Any WordPress Site Into an Online Store With Elementor

How to Transform Any WordPress Site Into an Online Store With Elementor

This Monday MasterClass we’re taking an in-depth look at converting a simple WordPress website into an online store in 5 simple steps.

The main focus of this episode is on setting up WooCommerce correctly in order to sell and ship physical products. If you’re also planning on selling digital/downloadable products, you might want to also check out our previous Masterclass “How to Build a Basic Online Store”

This episode covers a lot of valuable web-building information for all levels looking to learn about:

Turning on Maintenance / Coming Soon mode in Elementor 02:45
Installing WooCommerece 03:30
WooCommerce Setup Wizard 03:50
Primary Setup for a WooCommerce store and payment gateways 04:09
Creating/Adding a new product 05:53
Adding store products to the website (WooCommerce widget) 07:11
A more customizable way of displaying products using Elementor 08:12
Customizing Cart and Checkout pages using the Theme Builder and Theme Style 08:39
Completing the online store setup and advanced settings 10:02
Setting up Shipping Zones, Shipping Classes, and fees 11:35
Testing our online store 17:24

\ Tools we used in this Masterclass:
▸Gym Template Kit |
▸WooCommerce Plugin |
To learn more about creating a WordPress website from scratch using Elementor, check out our previous Masterclasses:
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▸Build the Perfect Sales Funnel in WordPress Using Elementor |

Read more about transforming your simple business website into an online store in this edition of Elementor’s Online Magazine:

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