Introducing Elementor 3.0: Create Faster, More Consistent Websites with New Professional Features


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Elementor 3.0 comes packed with amazing features that will revolutionize your workflow and allow you to implement a faster, more consistent process when building websites.

These features include:
✓ Design System Features: Explore what Global Colors, Global Fonts, and Site Settings can do for your web design process.
✓ New Theme Builder: We rebuilt our industry-leading Theme Builder, and made it even better! You now have a bird-eye-view visual preview of every part of your website, including your header, footer, single and other site parts. Jump in to edit or customize every part. It’s that easy!
✓ Performance Improvements: As part of Elementor 3.0, we’ve reduced the number of DOM elements, and improved the process of reading site components from the server. This improves site performance and makes Elementor render your web pages faster.

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